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Our first development update!

First of all excuse our silence. Switching from the bone animations to true pixel art took us a while, as it was totally new to us and we needed to put some work in. But we’re very happy with the results now and are slowly back to business as usual.  After sorting this out, we […]

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FAQ January 2021

Your description says, that The Prez won’t always like your decisions. Does that mean his answers and actions will be random or something?  No. But our player character will not only interact with the game world, but also with the players themselves. So he’ll ask, complain and will need to be reasoned with from time […]

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President Rocket Game lets you slip into the orange tanned skin of Lloyd „The Prez“ Kinski – the dressed in brown, black haired, teased, world famous and probably the biggest… well we all know what he is and what he isn’t. Your mission couldn’t be more important. If the biggest villains of this day and age are set to be launched into the sun on board of a rocket, The Prez couldn’t possibly be left out.

Planned features:
  • A classic point & click adventure with full english voice over and a living sound design

  • Try to lead The Prez through an absurd story packed with crazy events, that begins to unfold in a german bar and hopefully ends on board of a rocket bound for the sun

  • The Prez doesn’t like to be controlled. In fact, he hates it! And it’s YOUR job to deal with that

  • Experience a world full of mad characters and bizarre locations, that has more to offer than you would expect

  • Help The Prez make it through nerve wrecking and entertaining dialogs. He won’t won’t let you get away with everything you want him to say, though.

  • Exciting and sometimes unusual puzzles with alternative solutions and a story with meaningful decisions promise replayability

  • The Prez loves social media and is an enthusiastic user of the plattform Squeak. He can’t live without squeaking!

  • Never before was death in adventure games funnier. Or fun at all. Dying in President Rocket Game is so pleasing, we’ll actually add achievements for it while sparing you quick saving frenzies