Hi! Welcome to our website! This actually only marks our „coming out“ as game devs, as we’ve been working on President Rocket Game ever since Covid sent us all home. We’re excited as f**k to get on with it and start sharing our progress with you all. This is our first real project, but we’ll try to minimize the fails along the way. So thanks in advance for your interest in this game. Look out for our reveal trailer, the launch of our steam store page as well as a FAQ post within the next few days. And of course we’ve got all the game development content lined up, that you know.

Don’t forget to find us on your favorite social media platforms!

Cheers and all the best,

Matze & Tilly


  • Linda
    12. Januar 2021 at 22:14 Reply
    Great design! Looking forward to play 👀 I‘m pretty sure it will be amazing! And that chick at the desk 🤌🏽🤌🏽🤌🏽

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