First of all excuse our silence. Switching from the bone animations to true pixel art took us a while, as it was totally new to us and we needed to put some work in. But we’re very happy with the results now and are slowly back to business as usual.  After sorting this out, we have news on the state of our game.

We’ve made great progress with the portion of the game that we will release as a demo later this summer (hopefully). That means we’ve almost completed all of the locations and npcs and are about to start intensifying tweaking and playtesting and will begin to record voice overs for the demo. 

We’re also going to start recording a small developer blog, to keep you updated on what we’re up to and who the f**k we are anyway! The two of us only got into game design last year, so there’s still quite the learning curve ahead of us..

As a last little piece of information we’ve also finally updated our feature list. Did we mention that President Kinksi won’t be the only playable character in our game? So if you don’t feel like being restricted to playing a greasy ex politician – we’ve got you covered! And who knows.. maybe your actions will make him a better person. 


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