First playtests complete!

Good news! We’ve completed the first few external playtests to start to get rid of the remaining bugs and make sure our gameplay is fun and our storytelling is on point. Our game will be very story and dialog heavy as it’s what the two of us have always felt like is our strength. 

Seeing as we’re both still new to the gamedev business, the last few weeks were also very important to get a feel for updating our content, working with the steam sdk and so on. 

We’ve also blocked out the game into 5 chapters (maybe 6) and our plan right now is to release the prologue and the first chapter for free sometime in the next few months. But that doesn’t mean we will be selling each chapter separately. We’ll sell the whole game at once when the rest is done. Furthermore we finished scripting our intro and cutscenes needed in the demo and are ready to start work on that as soon as we’re done polishing the gameplay of the freebie. 

After releasing the freebie, we’re considering a Kickstarter to speed up the process of the rest of the development. Up until the release of chapter one we will also make sure to get a new website up and running to give you all a better look at the game as the old one.. well it does kinda suck, right? 

We’re grinding away and can’t wait to see what you think about our work! 

Stay safe out there. Peace and freedom! 


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