1. Your description says, that The Prez won’t always like your decisions. Does that mean his answers and actions will be random or something? 

No. But our player character will not only interact with the game world, but also with the players themselves. So he’ll ask, complain and will need to be reasoned with from time to time. How you handle these dialogs will determine future dialog options with NPCs in the game and can shape the outcome of your story. 

  1. Does that mean the game will have multiple endings?

Yeah, that’s the plan!

  1. Is this really your first game? 

Yep. And originally we wanted to make this one a small game prior to another project. But now we had so many ideas and fun panning this one that it grew into a full game. So forgive us any noobness along the way. But we definitely won’t be releasing any crap!

  1. Why doesn’t your game have real pixel perfect animations? 

We love people who make real, true old-school pixel art games. But we just felt more at home with this hybrid, as we like the level of subtleness that our animations can have this way but still: we’re big fans of the pixelated look. Of course it’s not „true“ pixel art. But we never wanted it to be that. It’s pixel art-ish. We might  reconsider this in future projects, but for now we have to say sorry to the purists out there. Other projects and studios would probably do a way better job at real pixel art animations than us at this stage anyway. 

  1. What is your game’s setting? 

President Rocket Game is set in a fictional world which is loosely based on our real one. All characters are strictly fictional. We just have to make sure that’s clear enough to keep the humor black enough. 

  1. Was the stuff in the trailer a pre rendered animation or ingame footage? 

All of it was recorded directly in the engine with the Ui hidden. It was alpha footage though and will probably still change and improve. 

  1. Will we get to see actual in game footage soon? 

If nothing goes completely wrong, yes!


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