Well look here! We actually took almost half a year for the promised „regular updates“…. Sorry for that, folks! The good news is: we’ve been super busy grinding away on the development of the game and stayed super focussed!

Our vision has gotten quite a bit bigger and seeing we want to keep this in a realistic scope as it’s our first release, we took quite some time to write and refine our main plot. Even though PRG is going to be funny and weird, we want to send the players on a cool story, with multiple endings and branches and an adult plot. Who doesn’t love fearing for the life of your favorite characters, eh? Apart from the first few locations (classic) PRG won’t be on rails, and you’ll be able to figure out your own ways of completing the mission. 

We also spent a lot of time working on lore for our world, which is just something we love to do and intend on being able to design future games based in it as well. It was also important to write something where our other two playable characters feel needed and not just like a feature that’s nice to have. 

Most important to everybody waiting for the game: we’ve got a nice running prototype and have been busy fleshing out parts of the first few locations for our playable demo and you can expect a release date for it in the near future.

Take care out there! Tilly & Matze


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