Our first development update!

First of all excuse our silence. Switching from the bone animations to true pixel art took us a while, as it was totally new to us and we needed to put some work in. But we’re very happy with the results now and are slowly back to business as usual.  After sorting this out, we […]

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FAQ January 2021

Your description says, that The Prez won’t always like your decisions. Does that mean his answers and actions will be random or something?  No. But our player character will not only interact with the game world, but also with the players themselves. So he’ll ask, complain and will need to be reasoned with from time […]

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Our journey begins!

Hi! Welcome to our website! This actually only marks our „coming out“ as game devs, as we’ve been working on President Rocket Game ever since Covid sent us all home. We’re excited as f**k to get on with it and start sharing our progress with you all. This is our first real project, but we’ll […]

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